Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How long will my press-on nails stay on if I use the gel stickers (jelly glue)?

A.  If applied properly, they will stay on for 3-5 days sometimes longer.

Q. How long will my press-on nails stay on if I use the nail glue?

A. If applied properly, they will stay on for 1-2 weeks.

Please note: Not all sets come with nail glue in addition to the gel stickers, check the description on each nail set.

Q. Can I re-use my press-on nails?

A. You can use your press-on nails around 5 or 6 times. When removing your press-on nails, mix together a small amount of hand soap or body wash and warm water and soak your press-on nails long enough for the glue to weaken enough to be removed (this may take up to 15 minutes). Slowly pry the press-nails off your nails by gently wiggling from side to side. Remember to scrape off the nail glue under the press-on nails ready for re-use. If you are having difficulty prying off the press-on nails, add with body oil, hair oil or olive oil to the soap and warm water solution. Store away for next time.

Alternatively, if you used the nail glue to apply your press-on nails, you may soak them in acetone to remove. This may result in quicker removal but can damage the press-on nails which limits the number of uses.